“Luck is Created by The Prepared”

Luck is Created by The Prepared

We created this postcard to send to our clients and friends in collaboration with the arty people at our sister company, Brooks Creative.

“Luck is Created by The Prepared”

This quote is definitely something that we like to live by here at Riches & Brooks. Driven people really do create their own luck and a key to that is preparation!

We are now coming into our busiest time of year as clients make sure that they are ready for Christmas and the New Year. It might seem a while away but it’s just around the corner.

If you are looking to get more customers in time for Christmas, or indeed start 2015 in the right way, please feel free to get in touch.

We also have a few postcards left, so if you would like us to send you one, just drop us your address.

Stay lucky!