Is Google Penalising Slow Websites in Mobile Search?

According to some sources Google is rolling out a new label in their mobile search results indicating slow web pages:

Google Mobile Slow Tag


This reminds us of late last year when Google started labelling websites as mobile friendly in the search engine results pages.

Now, it seems, rather than rewarding fast websites they are naming and shaming slow websites!

It makes sense. After all, Google wants users to have the best experience and warning about slow websites will certainly help mobile users to find the content that they are looking for fast.

More and more we are seeing Google and other search engines prioritise the experience of it’s mobile users. That means that more than ever having a mobile responsive and fast website is key to having success with search engine rankings and attracting traffic from the search engine results pages.

The page load speed of websites can be affected by a number of factors including the Content Management System being used, type of content on the website, unoptimised images, web hosting, etc.

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