Mobilegeddon is Here


The internet is going crazy about the latest Google update. Today, 21st of April 2015, Big G started penalising websites that aren’t mobile friendly. We covered this topic in one of our previous posts.

The news is already old. Everyone knows about it. If you have a website that doesn’t look and perform well on mobile devices you could be in trouble.

This news had a great resonance online and the hashtag #mobilegeddon is trending since early this morning here in the UK.

Will this be a massive thing?

I personally don’t think so. We won’t see a revolution in terms of rankings. There are a couple factors that make me think this.

  1. This algorithm will affect mobile rankings only. The desktop SERPs won’t change at all. Even tablets won’t be affected.
  2. The mobile friendliness will just be one ranking factor, not THE ranking factor. Backlinks, social signals, user engagement and on-site optimisation will still be very important factors.

Don’t get me wrong. You should have a mobile friendly website in 2015. A website that looks good on mobile devices is vital.

I just think that the hype around this Google update is way higher than the risk of a revolution in search results.

What Google states with this algorithm is that quality websites will be judged more and more from the user experience in the future.

Ranking factors like bounce rate, time on page and clicks on page are already some of the most important parameters Google uses to rank a website. Adding mobile friendliness is just another step in that direction.

Google wants you to give a smooth and pleasant experience to your users. This, combined with good quality content, will boost your rankings. If you don’t care about these factors you will be outranked by your competitors. That will be a real problem for businesses.

Google seems to have started a mission to create a better web. The websites of the future need to be more pleasant (on every device) and full of valuable, fresh content ready to be shared on social media.

A web for everyone, sensitive to all the latest trends seems to be the future. If you are not willing to keep working towards this, your website will probably disappear from rankings in the long term.