Online Reputation Management

Want to Control What Google Says About You or Your Company?

With the open nature of the internet, it’s all too easy for negative opinions to be shared online about you or your business. When you have a reputation to uphold it is important that when people search for your name or company name online, relevant and reliable results are displayed.

In an ideal world you want to be in control of those results yourself. This might be webpages like your website, your blog, your social profiles, etc.

We can help to ensureĀ that you have control of the results that search engines like Google display when your name or company name is searched.

Negative Article or Review Ranking Highly on Google?

If there is a negative article or review ranking highly on Google or another search engineĀ it can easily affect the reputation of your business.

By promoting pages that are controlled by you (your website, social profiles, etc) we can boost the rankings of these sites which will push any negative articles or reviews further down the search engine results pages.

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