Social Media Portfolio

The Old Street Barber Company

The Old Street Barber Company sell grooming products for bearded men. For them visual content is of vital importance to convey their message. Instagram was the natural place to start from.

We started working on their Instagram profile from scratch. Within six months we hit the 10k followers milestone and the level of engagement is simply incredible.

At the present stage, Instagram is the biggest sales channel for them and the profile is still growing.

Naked & Natural

We have been working with Naked & Natural to launch their 100% natural skincare brand.

They wanted to put across their style using images. Our task was to make a cosmetic company feel natural and elegant.

We took care of curating the content which included building relationships with influential Instagrammers and featuring their beautiful pictures from around the world.

Just a month after starting their profile we’re at over 1.2k followers and growing at a rate of 300+ followers per week. This will provide Naked & Natural with a solid base for their launch, planned for mid-February 2016.

Busy Bee Stationery

Busy Bee Stationery is a monthly subscription box for stationery lovers. We are massive stationery lovers, so this project was right up our street.

We thought that visuals could really make a difference to this product. Photos set the overall style of the brand. In this case Instagram was a no-brainer.

We hit 1K followers on their Instagram profile two weeks after launching it. The account is still growing at a rate of 500+ followers per week and the engagement is simply incredible. The buzz around Busy Bee Stationery is amazing and we can’t wait to see how the launch, planned for March 2016, will go.

For this particular project, the client wanted to put use Facebook for marketing. For this reason we helped them with their Facebook page too.

The main aim here was providing them with the social proof they needed. We launched a campaign for likes and got them 10K real likes in the space of a week. To do this we didn’t buy any likes or use any spammy techniques. We simply created a highly targeted campaign using the Facebook Ads platform.


DadBlogUK is blog run by a stay-at-home dad, John Adams. We have worked with John for a long time now, but only recently started helping out with his social media presence.

He first came to us trying to enhance his profile on Facebook. He wanted to have a following closer to his competitors in order to have more leverage for sponsored posts.

We used our techniques to add 3k likes in a 3 days. We used the built-in Facebook Ads platform to find real people interested in his blog.

After the success with the Facebook campaign, John wanted us to work on his Instagram profile. He wanted to keep control of the content, so he went for our Instagram Boost package.

Since we’ve started working on John’s Instagram it’s growing at a rate of 800+ followers per week.

Work With Us

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